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Looking for financing?  We are here to serve you!  Trailers Lewis offers tailor-made financing for its clientele.  We finance new and used equipment.

Leasing Financing – Customer Benefits:

Benefits of Leasing

  • Conserve the capital
  • Preserve working capital and bank credit lines of credit
  • Lets buy what is worth – rent what depreciates

Fiscal advantages

  • Possible reduction of taxes
  • No advance payment of taxes

Fixed costs

  • 100% term financing
  • Fixed payments during the term of the lease

Facilitated budgeting

  • Fixed payment makes it easy to budget
  • Operating budget versus capital expenditures
  • Balances revenue and expenses

Flexible & Simple

  • Payments can be tailored to liquidity
  • Terms: monthly, quarterly, annual, seasonal and more
  • Simple and practical process

Concept of use value

  • You benefit from the use of the equipment and not the property
  • Refund following the winnings

Avoid obsolescence

  • Stay on the cutting edge of technology


The conventional loan is based on a fixed term and has no residual value. The borrower must pay all the taxes when taking possession of his equipment.


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